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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey
American philosopher

While your goals can range from career development through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to personal enrichment aimed at a hobby or fulfilling a passion, continual education is essential to all aspects of life. We provide the tools necessary for these pursuits - and to proclaim yourself a life-long learner!


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Admissions Categories

ASUMH grants admission in the following categories:

Unconditional Admission

Applicants who will be considered for unconditional admission are:

Graduates from accredited high schools, or

Applicants who present passing scores on the General Education Development (GED) tests, or submit a completed home-school transcript.

Students not required to complete CPT classes.

Students transferring from an institution of higher learning who have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better, have met all state-mandated remediation requirements, and have not been suspended from the last institution attended. (See: Transfer Student Admissions.)

Conditional Admission

Students not meeting the requirements for unconditional admission may be granted conditional admission by the registrar. Conditions of admission will be specified by and must be met to the satisfaction of the registrar. Students admitted in this category are:

High school graduates or applicants who pass the General Education Development (GED) tests but have not met the mandated minimum area test scores (ACT, SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS) for college-level classes. (See B under Unconditional Admission)

Transfer students who do not have the 2.00 GPA and/or have not met state-mandated remediation requirements may be admitted conditionally if they are eligible to return to the college most recently attended or if they have been out of school for a fall or spring semester.

All students admitted under conditional admission must enroll in required college preparatory courses during their first 15 hours at ASUMH. During subsequent enrollment terms, students who were granted conditional admission will be subject to the college's academic probation and suspension policy. Students required to take two or more college preparatory courses must also take CPT 1023 Learning Skills.


Individuals who wish to pursue courses of special interest without submitting academic credentials may register for a maximum of six hours per semester and may accumulate up to twelve semester hours of undergraduate, non-degree credit. Thereafter, non-degree students must comply with college admission requirements or obtain a written waiver from the Office of the Registrar. In addition, non-degree students are required to meet all course prerequisites. If the non-degree student plans to register for courses in English or math, he/she must have ACT, SAT, ASSET or COMPASS scores on file before registering.

Courses taken through this program are not applicable toward a degree unless the status is changed to degree-seeking by the student and approved by the registrar. POLICY STATEMENT

Policies and procedures stated on this site--from admission through graduation--require continuous evaluation, review, and approval by appropriate university officials. All statements reflect policies in existence at the time the university's catalog went to press, and the university reserves the right to change policies at anytime without prior notice.

University officials determine whether students have satisfactorily met admission, retention, or graduation requirements. ASUMH reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from the university for cause at any time.

Admissions Policy

ASUMH has an open door admission policy. This policy is designed to enhance access to educational opportunities. Nevertheless, the prospective student is reminded that standards of quality are maintained and that students will be required to remove deficiencies before entering certain programs or courses.

First time students must see an advisor before registration. Students who misrepresent facts on the application for admission will be dropped from the university and their admission canceled immediately.

Communications concerning admission should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar, Arkansas State University Mountain Home, 1600 S. College Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653, or call (870) 508-6104.

Admissions Requirements

Beginning Freshmen

Prospective students must submit the following credentials before registering:
A formal application for admission.
American College Test (ACT) Student Profile Report or SAT or ASSET or COMPASS Test scores. (In accordance with state law, test scores are required for placement in math, English, and reading.)
An official high school transcript that includes the date of graduation* or results of the General Education Development test (GED) and official transcripts from previous colleges or universities.
Documentation (required by Arkansas statute) of immunization for measles and rubella (State Health Department requires immunization be dated 1968 or later to be valid or documentation showing proof of birth prior to January 1, 1957). Two MMRs are required.

* A tentative admission decision can be made on the basis of a seven-semester high school transcript.
Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students must meet the same requirements as those listed for beginning freshmen with one exception. The home-schooled student may submit a transcript which indicates the equivalent of a completed high school transcript or a GED.
Transfer Students

Students who have completed fewer than 24 semester hours at a regionally accredited college or university will be admitted on the same basis as entering freshmen. Transfer students with a cumulative GPA below 2.00 may be admitted conditionally with academic warning. No student on academic suspension from any school, college, or institution of higher learning may enroll until one regular semester has past.

Students who have completed 24 or more semester hours at a regionally accredited college or university must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 and must submit the following:
A formal application for admission.
Official transcripts from all colleges attended.
Documentation (required by Arkansas statute) of immunization for measles and rubella (State Health Department requires immunization be dated 1968 or later to be valid or documentation showing proof of birth prior to January 1, 1957). Two MMRs are required.

Note: If the 24 transferring hours do not include English Composition and an algebra course, transfer students must also submit ACT, SAT, ASSET or COMPASS scores for placement.

Transfer students who do not provide evidence of compliance with state-mandated remediation requirements will receive conditional admission based on ACT/SAT/ASSET/COMPASS scores and/or transcript evaluation(s). See the description of conditional admission under Admission Categories.
Temporary Students

A student enrolled at another college or university may enroll as a temporary student and have a record of his/her credits forwarded to that institution. Generally, such enrollment will apply only to summer terms. No transcript is required unless student is enrolling in a math or English course; however, an application for admission and certification of immunization must be filed, along with a letter of good standing from the institution to which the credit should be sent.

If the student wishes to continue for a subsequent semester at ASUMH, he/she must follow the application procedure for transfer students.
High School Students

Concurrent Enrollment
Act 1097 of the General Assembly provides for students who are enrolled in an accredited high school and meet the admission standards of ASUMH to enroll concurrently for academic courses. Students must have successfully completed their junior year of high school and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Summer Enrollment
High school students who have completed their junior year, have a "B" average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale), and are recommended by their high school counselor, principal, or superintendent may enroll as full-time students at ASUMH during the summer session preceding their senior year of high school.

General Admission Requirements for High School Students
High school students must submit the following:
A formal application for admission.
American College Test (ACT), SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS Test scores. (In accordance with state law, test scores are required for placement in math, English, and reading.) Several test scores may not be combined to reach the desired test results.
An official high school transcript.
Documentation (required by Arkansas statute) of immunization for measles and rubella (State Health Department requires immunization be dated 1968 or later to be valid or documentation showing proof of birth prior to January 1, 1957). Two MMRs are required.

High school students may not enroll for more than seven hours per semester without prior approval of the registrar.

To be eligible to enroll in college level classes, a student must achieve the following minimum test scores:ACT
English 19 or English 45 or English 75
Reading 19 or Reading 43 or Reading 82
Math 19 or Algebra 43 or Math 66


The student may ask for an individual evaluation based on other performance criteria. The student may be selected through a process determined to be appropriate by his/her high school principal or counselor and based on performance criteria that justify waiver of the standardized test scores and the GPA criteria outlined above. High school students applying for admission under these provisions must provide a statement from the principal or counselor outlining the selection process and performance criteria deemed sufficient to justify waiving the test score and GPA requirement. ASUMH reserves the right to review this criteria and to deny admission.
International Students

Arkansas State University endorses the "NAFSA Principles for International Educational Exchange" developed and published by the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs. Foreign students are required to complete the TOEFL examination with a minimum score of 500 prior to acceptance.

A citizen of a nation other than the United States of America wishing to apply for admission to Arkansas State University Mountain Home should write to

Admissions Office/International Studies Coordinator
Arkansas State University-Mountain Home
1600 S. College
Mountain Home, AR 72653

The following information is needed to process applications for admission for International Students:
A completed application for admission.
If students are transferring from a college or university outside the United States to ASUMH, they must send their transcript to either Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) or to World Education Services (WES). ECE or WES will evaluate their transcript and notify ASUMH of the courses that are equivalent to courses at ASUMH. Both companies charge for this service.
Proof of English proficiency. (TOEFL) Applicants must submit a score of 500 (paper based) or 173 (computer based exam). Official score report must be mailed directly from ETS.
Financial statement form, completed and dated no more than six months prior to the date of enrollment. Sponsors must attach an official bank statement which verifies that $12,321 is on deposit in an American bank.
Official score report from ACT or SAT examinations. (Not required if the student has more than 24 acceptable semester credit hours.)
Proof of immunization against rubeola and rubella. Complete form provided on back of application. Twp MMRs are required.
Record of current Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)

The completed application and ALL supporting documentation must be received in the admissions office at least three (3) months prior to the desired enrollment date. The applicant will be informed by mail of admission status.

ASU Center for Regional Programs

Through a partnership between ASU–Mountain Home and ASU–Jonesboro, you can earn selected Bachelors and Masters Degrees on the ASU–Mountain Home campus. The Degree Center on the ASU–Mountain Home campus is home to 6 Bachelors degrees, 3 Masters degrees, and 1 Specialist degree offered by Arkansas State University – Jonesboro.
An Associate Degree in Registered Nursing (AASN) is available. Bachelors Degrees are available in Accounting, Criminology, Early Childhood Education(Early Childhood Education), Management, Mid-Level Education (Math/Science and Language Arts/Social Studies). Masters Degrees are available in Business Administration (MBA), Curriculum and Instruction (MSE), and Educational Leadership (MSE). A Specialist degree is available in Educational Administration (Ed.S.).
Bachelors Degrees are offered in a "2 + 2" configuration in which the first 2 years of coursework are offered by ASU-Mountain Home and the final 2 years consist of junior and senior level coursework offered by ASU-Jonesboro through on-site, interactive video, and online classes.
For information specific to each degree program offered at the Mountain Home Degree Center, please contact the degree center at ASU-Mountain Home at 870-508-6170.

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