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State University, AR 72467
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Welcome to Arkansas State University
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Welcome to Arkansas State University! If you are a student seeking a challenging, fun and rewarding college experience, you have come to the right place!

Arkansas State University is a first class academic institution with outstanding faculty, staff, facilities as well as numerous programs of study. Located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, ASU sits atop the beautiful rolling hills of Crowley's Ridge.

With a population of more than 11,000 students and more than 200 degree programs, ASU provides an affordable and accessible, quality education to a diverse and dynamic array of students. We offer academic excellence and a commitment to provide personal attention to your needs. Additionally, we offer more than 300 student organizations.

Everything you need to help you understand how to apply, register and get involved on the ASU campus can be found on our website. However, to sense firsthand the excitement and spirit that makes us unique, please join us on campus! We offer campus tours Monday thru Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you need any information not found on our website, please call us at 800.382.3030 or 870.972.3024 if you are in the Jonesboro area. Or you can e-mail anyone on our staff directly.

Exciting things are happening at ASU! Come and be a part of it all!

degree type:
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree (Majors)
Bachelor's Degree (Minors)
Master's Degree
Specialist Degrees
Doctoral Degrees

International Student Scholarship/Fellowship Plan 1

Introduction: In order to attract and retain the best, brightest, most gifted, and talented international students, Arkansas State University (ASU) offers an array of competitive scholarships to prospective international undergraduate students and fellowships for graduate students. These include merit‐based academic scholarships/fellowships , reflecting previous academic accomplishment and the potential for continuing academic success at ASU. They also include performance scholarships for undergraduate students, which obligate the recipients to engage in some form of service to the University during the period for which the scholarships are awarded. Performance scholarships include athletic scholarships, band scholarships, vocal scholarships, and theatrical scholarships. All performance scholarships require applicants to participate in a “try‐out” and to submit other evidence demonstrating their abilities. Athletic scholarships are awarded in strict accordance with National Collegiate Academic Association (NCAA) Division I regulations.

In most instances, but not all, scholarships/fellowships are renewable based upon continuing full‐time student status at ASU, satisfactory academic performance (as defined by the University), service to the University, and other conditions as described in the scholarship award letter. International students do not qualify for performance scholarships until after they demonstrate English competency as determined by the University. Academic scholarships/fellowships for international students are in fixed amounts and are deducted from the tuition owed by students; whereas, performance scholarships may include tuition reimbursement as well as lodging, meals, and fees (as determined by the area of the University sponsoring the scholarship, the need for the services provided, the level of performance for which the student provides, and the availability of funding). In no instances may scholarship/fellowship support provided by the University exceed the cost of attendance at ASU by international students and scholarships/fellowships are not transferrable to any other outside entity including, but not limited to, institutions of higher education, proprietary schools, or other organizations. Students who are receiving tuition waivers from ASU are not eligible for international scholarships/fellowships.

In addition to traditional ASU sponsored scholarships/fellowships, there are a limited number of scholarships/fellowships awarded by the Arkansas State University Foundation for which international students may qualify; however, these scholarships/fellowships are not available to international students until after they have demonstrated English competency (as determined by the University), and have been enrolled at ASU for at least one full academic semester. Upon arrival at Arkansas State University, international students will be provided with additional information about scholarship/fellowship opportunities offered by the Foundation and the University from the staff of the Office of International Programs (OIP) during the international student orientation and otherwise. As with American students, scholarship/fellowship opportunities for international students are highly competitive, but all international students have an equal opportunity to compete for scholarships/fellowships provided to international students at the time of application and thereafter. However, irrespective of the potential of scholarships/fellowships, international students must plan on and be successful in gathering the necessary financial resources to cover all of their expenses for attending the University.

Academic Scholarships/Fellowships: Academic merit‐based scholarships are available from Arkansas State University for international students entering undergraduate programs; similarly scholarships, which are referred to as fellowships are available for international students entering graduate students. All academic merit‐based scholarships/fellowships are awarded for one year in which 50% of the award is provided at the onset of each semester, with the second semester portion contingent upon satisfactory full‐time academic performance during the first semester with continuing renewal thereafter based upon satisfactory full‐time academic performance. For the purpose of this scholarship/fellowship performance, satisfactory full‐time academic performance at the undergraduate level is defined as maintaining a fulltime course load (a minimum of 12 semester credit hours) and obtaining a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or better. Satisfactory full‐time academic performance at the graduate level is defined as maintaining a full‐time course load (a minimum of 9 semester credit hours) and obtaining a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.75 or better. Academic scholarships/fellowships are renewable based upon the above criteria and the availability of funds. A student who drops below the above standard in any semester forfeits the academic scholarship/fellowship and may not reapply. No scholarship/fellowship support is offered for international students by the University during the summer term.
Undergraduate scholarships are awarded based on a combination of previous academic accomplishment (defined as a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all high school work, as determined by ASU) and the potential for continuing academic success at ASU, as measured by performance on nationally normed standardized tests as per the following table:
ACT SAT2 Scholarship
36 1600 $ 4,000
35 1560 $ 3,500
34 1510 $ 3,000
33 1460 $ 2,500
32 1420 $ 2,000
31 1380 $ 2,000
30 1340 $ 1,500
29 1300 $ 1,500
28 1260 $ 1,000

Graduate scholarships/fellowships are awarded based on a combination of previous academic accomplishment (defined as a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better in all university work, as determined by ASU) and the potential for continuing academic success at ASU, as measured by performance on nationally normed and standardized tests as per the following table:
GRE GMAT Scholarship/
1600 800 $ 4,000
1560 780 $ 3,500
1520 760 $ 3,000
1480 740 $ 2,500
1440 720 $ 2,000
1400 700 $ 2,000
1360 680 $ 1,500
1320 660 $ 1,500
1280 640 $ 1,000

Official test scores from the testing bodies must be sent directly to Arkansas State University (code 6011) for consideration of scholarship/fellowship and such scores must be current.

International students who receive scholarships/ fellowships are expected to participate actively in the International Student Association, activities sponsored by the Office of International Programs (OIP), to volunteer to help other international students to survive and thrive at ASU, to offer testimonials and other support for the international student recruiting effort, and otherwise to meet any other obligations as defined in the letter extending the scholarship/fellowship offer.

Official test scores from the testing bodies must be sent directly to Arkansas State University (code 6011) for consideration of scholarship/fellowship and such scores must be current.

Jobs/Careers upon Graduating from ASU:

Arkansas State University is keenly interested in and committed to preparing international students well to compete successfully in the interconnected and highly challenging global marketplace, upon graduating from the University with one or more academic degrees. At the very foundation in achieving this goal is the high quality of the educational experience provided to all students attending ASU. This is achieved, in no small part, by an outstanding faculty who are dedicated to their profession and students; an exceptional array of high quality academic courses and programs; excellent academic facilities; a safe, secure, and welcoming campus; and a 100 year history of providing access to a caring, challenging, and supportive academic community. This assertion is supported by the fact that ASU is accredited fully by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, programs offered by its professional colleges (e.g., Business, Education, Engineering, and Nursing and Health Professions) are additionally accredited, and many other academic disciplines are separately accredited (e.g., Chemistry, Communications, Art, Music, and Political Science). Additionally, this assertion is backed fully by the high rate of employment and career success of ASU graduates.

Under United States (US) immigration law and regulations, international students holding F-1 visas, upon graduating from an academic degree program may apply to work legally in the US for one year under the title of Optional Practical Training (OPT). Graduates of certain academic programs (as defined by US immigration regulations) legally may extend their OPT beyond one year. Information about qualifying for OPT and other information about OPT is available from the Office of International Programs (OIP) for international students who are enrolled at ASU.
In order to help students, including international students, seek and obtain jobs and professional careers upon graduation, ASU operates a Career Services Office , which is located in the Student Union and is free for all ASU students. Among other things, this Office has specialists who are knowledgeable about job opportunities, providing advice about and assistance with resume’ and cover letter preparation, offering insights as to how to research about potential employers, helping students develop job interview skills, and familiarizing students with professional standards, business dress, and etiquette. Regularly, this Office conducts job fairs on campus to enable students to interact directly with a variety of employers in one convenient location on the ASU campus. It is recommended highly that international students take full advantage of the entire array of free services provided by the Career Services Office and that they start to develop their resumes, learn about major employers (especially internationally prominent corporations), participate in mock interviews, and otherwise prepare themselves for the job market and their careers. These actions are intended to help students obtain a guarantee from an employer of a job and a promising career commencing immediately upon graduation from ASU.
Jobs While Attending ASU:
International students who hold F-1 student visas are not allowed (under US immigration law) to work off-campus while they are enrolled on an academic program in the US, except in the case of financial hardship (as determined by US immigration authorities) and during sponsored internships. These internships are defined under the immigration rules, as Curricular Practical Training (CPT). It should be noted that not all student internships provide financial support to students (in fact, most do not), and typically there are more students interested in pursuing student internships than there are student internship vacancies. For those students who desire to participate in CPT, it is their responsibility to work with faculty members and prospective employer sponsors of internships to seek and obtain an internship placement. Typically student internships are of one semester in duration, usually are taken one or two semesters immediately before graduation, and provide students with opportunities to apply the theories and concepts that they acquired in formal educational settings in the competitive global marketplace. Information about applying for the CPT and the parameters of the program is available to all international students attending ASU on and F-1 visa from the ASU Office of International Programs (OIP).

ASU offers opportunities to compete for work-study jobs on the ASU campus for all students (including international students), while they are enrolled at ASU. In order to qualify for these jobs, international students must have demonstrated English competency to enter an academic program at ASU and must have completed one full academic semester at ASU in an academic program. These work-study jobs usually pay minimum wage. Students are restricted to no more than 20 hours per week of work-study during academic terms and semesters and the student’s academic schedule must take precedence over the work schedule. Unfortunately, there is not a sufficient number of work-study jobs on campus for all students; therefore, international students should not count on a work-study job to help pay their tuition, fees, and other expenses, or to use for pocket money. Although ASU is trying to create additional work-study jobs, please keep in mind that the primary purpose of ASU is to provide quality education to prepare its students for employment and careers upon graduation not for minimum wage jobs while they attend the University. Information about work study jobs is available at the Career Services Office

Student Union

Meeting & Event Facilities

Phone: 870.972.2056 / Fax: 870.972.3133

Reservation Office Hours of Operation:
8:00am - 5:00pm

The Student Union and Pavilion offer programming space, meeting rooms, banquet facilities and conference capabilities. Scheduling for space may be conducted either by phone or in person, in advance of the event. Cancellation for a meeting room requires a 24 hour advance notice; cancellation of Centennial Hall requires a two week advance notice. Registered student organization use of the Student Union Auditorium and/or Centennial Hall will be limited to no more than two times per semester. Appropriate fees for reserved space will be applied if the RSO is charging admission or fees for their event. The office of the Student Union reserves the right to review and change its policies as necessary.

Meeting and Event Spaces Currently Available for Reservation in the Student Union


Board Room - Meeting room with fixed set-up of conference table and 12 chairs.


Mockingbird Rooms (East and West) - Two meeting rooms that may be used separately or together.

East Room - Has electronic smartboard. Lecture style set-up for 50. Banquet/Meal set-up for 30. Class Room set-up (tables and chairs) 40.

West Room - Lecture style set-up for 50. Banquet/Meal set-up for 30. Class Room set-up (tables and chairs) 40.

East and West Combined - Lecture style set-up for 100. Banquet/Meal set-up for 60. Meeting Room set-up (tables and chairs) 80.

Pine Tree Room - Meeting and event space. Lecture set-up for 30. Banquet/Meal set-up for 16. Meeting Room (tables and chairs) for 14.

1909 Suite - Meeting and catering event space with fixed set-up of conference table with 16 chairs.

Heritage Plaza Lounge - Space open to reserve, for receptions only. Capacity of 250 (standing room only), with over flow into the Diamond Lounge, capacity of 60.

Auditorium - Fixed seating for approximately 318 plus disability spaces and standing room. State of the art audio-visual system featuring 20 foot screen and cinema surround sound.

Centennial Hall - Meeting and event space. Lecture set-up for 1000. Banquet/Meal set-up for 640. Class Room set-up for 600.

Alumni Lounge - Space open to reserve for receptions only. Capacity of 250 (standing room only), with over flow into the choctaw meeting room.

St. Francis River Room - Meeting and event space. Lecture set-up for 60. Banquet/meal set-up for 30. Class Room set-up for 20.

Cache River Room - Meeting and event space. Lecture set-up for 60. Banquet/meal set-up for 30. Class Room set-up for 20.

Spring River Room - Meeting and event space. Lecture set-up for 100. Banquet/meal set-up for 80. Class Room set-up for 60.

Arkansas River Room - Lecture style set-up for 100. Banquet/Meal set-up for 60. Meeting Room set-up (tables and chairs) 80.

Black River Room - Lecture style set-up for 100. Banquet/Meal set-up for 60. Meeting Room set-up(tables and Chairs) 80.

White River Room - Lecture style set-up for 100. Banquet/Meal set-up for 60. Meeting Room set-up(tables and Chairs) 80.

Executive Dining Room - Boardroom/Dining set-up for up to 16.

The Student Union has the following equipment available for events and meetings within the Student Union:

Dry Erase Boards

Microphones (Cordless and Wired)

Portable Sound System


VCR/DVD Players

Podiums and Lecterns

Overhead Projectors and Screens

Laptop and Digital Projector with Large Screen


"Bringing the World to ASU, Taking ASU to the World”

What's New: Cultural Community Programs
The international student population at Arkansas State University (ASU) culturally enriches the Jonesboro community. The university’s global community is a mosaic of unique individuals with varied traditions, viewpoints, and cultural expressions. ASU is pleased to offer Cultural Community Programs, a way in which members of the Jonesboro community can share cultures with ASU’s international community. More Info>>
Academic Excellence
Internationally recognized public research institution with 20 different accreditations
Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees
More than 250 academic programs, concentrations, and options
More than 85% of faculty hold the highest academic degrees in their field
Direct Entrance from ESL
No TOEFL or IELTS requirement for ESL program graduates
Access to all ASU facilities, services, and events
Stay on-campus with an American roommate
Affordable Tuition and Cost of Living
Estimated annual cost of $16,000 including tuition, fees, room and meals
Monthly payment options available
Cost of living is 27% less than the U.S. average
Academic and performance scholarship opportunities
Caring and Supportive Environment
Multiple on-campus housing options within walking distance
NCAA Division I Athletics and over 200 student organizations
Free career and job placement assistance
24 hour emergency assistance provided by experienced International Programs staff
Perfect Size and Location
Considered one of the safest cities in the United States
Free airport transfer service from Memphis International Airport
Only one hour by automobile from Memphis and a few hours to Little Rock, St. Louis, or Nashville
On-campus medical center and two full service hospitals in the community

Academic Affairs

College of Agriculture & Technology
Dr. Greg Phillips, Dean
P. O. Box 1080
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2085
Fax: 870-972-3885

Agriculture Farm Office
Agriculture Research
Agriculture Studies
Technology Program
Equine Center

College of Business
Dr. Len Frey, Dean
Dr. William Roe, Associate Dean
Dr. Jim Washam, Associate Dean
P. O. Box 970
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3035
Fax: 870-972-3744
Computer and Information Technology
Economics and Finance
Management and Marketing
Delta Center for Economic Development
Graduate Programs in Business
Student Services Center

College of Communications
Dr. Osa Amienyi, Interim Dean
P. O. Box 540
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2468
Fax: 870-972-3856
Communication Studies
Printing Services
The Herald

College of Education
Dr. Don Maness, Dean
Dr. Gregory Meeks, Associate Dean
P. O. Box 940
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3057
Fax: 870-972-3828
Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Special
Health, Physical Education and Sport Sciences
Psychology and Counseling
Teacher Education
Center for Excellence in Education
NEA Regional Partnership-Math/Science Grant
Childhood Services
North Central Association
Professional Education Programs

College of Engineering
Dr. David Beasley, Dean
P. O. Box 1740
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2088
Fax: 972-3948
Electrical Engineering Program
Civil Engineering Program
Mechanical Engineering Program

College of Fine Arts
Dr. Daniel Reeves, Dean
P. O. Box 1200
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3053
Fax: 870-972-3932
Bradbury Gallery
Fowler Center

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr.Carol O'Connor, Interim Dean
Dr.Deborah Chappel-Traylor, Interim Associate Dean
P. O. Box 1150
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3973
Fax: 870-972-3976
Criminology, Sociology and Geography
English & Philosphy
World Languages and Cultures
Political Science
Heritage Studies Ph.D. Programs
Delta Studies Center

College of Nursing and Health Professions
Dr. Susan Hanrahan, Dean
P. O. Box 910
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3112
Fax: 870-972-2040
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Communication Disorders
Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences
School of Nursing
Physical Therapy
Social Work

College of Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Andrew Novobilski, Dean
Dr. John Pratte, Associate Dean for Research & External Engagement

P. O. Box 60
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3029
Fax: 870-972-3857
Biological Sciences
Chemistry & Physics
Computer Science
Mathematics & Statistics
Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program
Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. Program
Academic Enhancement Center

Graduate School
Dr. Andrew Sustich, Dean
P. O. Box 60
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3029
Fax: 870-972-3857

Honors College
Dr. Andrew Sustich, Dean
Ms. Rebecca Oliver, Director of Student Services
P. O. Box 2889
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2309
Fax: 870-3884

University College
Dr. Lynita Cooksey, Dean
Ms Jill Simmons, Executive Director of Retention Initiatives
P. O. Box 1330
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3574
Fax: 870-972-3774
The Wilson Center for Academic Advising
Learning Support Services
Academic Support Center for Student Athletes
First Year Studies
Student Support Services
Upward Bound Programs

Arkansas Biosciences Institute (ABI)

Dr. Michael Dockter, Interim Executive Director
P. O. Box 639
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2025
Fax: 870-972-2026

Arkansas Heritage SITES
Dr. Ruth Hawkins, Director
(System Initiatives for Technical and Educational Support)
P. O. Box 2050
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2803
Fax: 870-972-3200

Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum & Education Center

Interactive Teaching & Technology Center, ITTC
Mr. Henry Torres, Director
P. O. Box 3258
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2334
Fax: 870-972-3131

Continuing Education and Community Outreach
Dr. Beverly Gilbert, Dean
P. O. Box 2260
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3052
Fax: 870-972-3849
ASU Degree Center at ASU-Mountain Home
ASU Degree Center at EACC-Forrest City
ASU Degree Center at MSCC-West Memphis
ASU Paragould

Independent Department of Military Science
LTC Jeffrey Helms, Professor of Military Science
P. O. Box 1810
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2064
Fax: 870-972-3611

Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
Dr. Kathryn Jones, Director
P. O. Box 790
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3027
Fax: 870-972-3683

International Programs
Mr. Tugrul Polat, Director
P. O. Box 2910
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2329
Fax: 870-972-3288

Library & Information Resources

Mr. Jeff Bailey, Interim Dean
Mr. Myron Flugstad, Assistant Library Director
P. O. Box 2040
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-3099
Fax: 870-972-3199

Dr. Marti Lu Allen, Director
P. O. Box 490
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2074
Fax: 870-972-2793

Ms. Tracy Finch, Registrar
Ms. Jackie Dotson, Associate Director of Records
P. O. Box 1570
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2031
Fax: 870-972-3843

Research and Technology Transfer
Dr. Michael Dockter, Associate Vice Chancellor
Office Location: ABI 114
P. O. Box 2760
State University, AR 72467
Phone: 870-972-2694
Fax: 870-972-2336

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