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Strayer University
Strayer University
3570 Grandview Parkway Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35243

Strayer University recognizes how important it is for adult students to balance the many responsibilities of their busy lives. We strive to make earning your degree as convenient as possible, while providing an affordable, quality education in a supportive environment.

At Strayer University, we've been helping working adults continue their education to advance their careers since 1892. Our programs make it possible for you to manage all of the different facets of your life while you achieve your educational goals.

Strayer University is a place where you’ll feel comfortable because you will be with classmates who share your real-world perspective and enrich your studies with their professional and life experiences. The average age of a Strayer University student is 34, and virtually all of them are working full time while continuing their education. When you enroll at Strayer University, you’ll join more than 60,000 students from across the United States and around the world who attend classes at one of 87 convenient campus locations or take classes online.


At Strayer University, we know that continuing your education is an investment worth making. We will help you determine your eligibility for a wide range of tuition financing options.

Visit the Business Office for information about federal grants and loans, private loans, payment plans and scholarships.

Strayer University offers a military scholarship and can advise you about current requirements and regulations for Veterans’ Benefits. In addition, many companies provide tuition benefits to their employees. From grants and scholarships to low cost loans, we’ll help you find a way to finance your education, which may be more affordable than you think. Learn more about Financial Support.


After 115 years of educating working adults, Strayer University has become the expert in helping students like you continue your education by giving you many choices regarding when, where, and how to take your classes.

Flexible class schedules make it easy to fit education into even the busiest day.
We schedule our campus classes during evening and weekend hours to make continuing education possible for hard-working professionals.

Convenient campuses let you attend classes near home or work.
Our campuses are strategically located close to major roads, with some in the city and others in the suburbs. So, whether you’re headed to the office or you’re on the way home, chances are you will find a Strayer University campus that is convenient for you.

Online learning options let you keep up at home or on the road.
A lot of things can come between you and attending classes on campus. Which is why, in addition to campus classes, we also offer online courses that you can keep up with no matter where you need to be. That means you can take some of your classes on campus and some online, in real time or any time.


At Strayer University, we’ve put together strong curricula with courses relevant to today’s working professional. Whether you’re interested in accounting, business, criminal justice, management, education, economics, marketing, information systems, or public administration, you’ll find a program that will give you the education you need to advance your career.

Course work and lectures are presented by experienced faculty members who have first-hand knowledge of the workplace. You’ll find that classroom discussions are geared toward common, real-world work challenges, so you can begin using your education immediately on the job. Additionally, all of our staff is supportive, professional, and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

The value of a degree or certification is only as high as the standards of the university that confers it. Since our founding in 1892, Strayer University has consistently met and exceeded the highest standards when it comes to the quality of our instructors and curriculum.

A Strayer University education is:

Strayer University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. 267-284-5000), which is one of the six regional accrediting bodies in the United States. The Commission is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. To find out more, visit the Middle States Commission web site at

Approved and Licensed.
Strayer University is appropriately approved and licensed according to the standards of each state in which we have campus locations. The University is licensed by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission, the Florida Department of Education, the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education, the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education, and the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education. The University is authorized to operate in Delaware by the Delaware Department of Education, in Georgia by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission, in Tennessee by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, in Virginia by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, and in West Virginia by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. The University is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the North Carolina Board of Governors, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Strayer University is licensed to do business in Alabama by the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education and its courses have been approved by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Strayer University is exempt from registration with the Division of Consumer Protection of the Utah Department of Commerce because of its regionally accredited status. Strayer University is approved by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Certificate of registration numbers: 08-09-1877B, 08-09-1878B, 08-09-1978B and 08-09-1880B. Certificate of Authorization received from the Ohio Board of Regents.

Those programs offered by Strayer University in Arkansas have been certified by the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board certification does not constitute an endorsement of any institution or program. Such certification merely indicates that certain criteria have been met as required under the rules and regulations implementing institutional and program certification as defined in Arkansas Code §6-61-301.

Strayer University is currently licensed by the Board of Regents of the State of Louisiana. Licenses are renewed by the State Board of Regents every two years. Licensed institutions have met minimal operational standards set forth by the state, but licensure does not constitute accreditation, guarantee the transferability of credit, nor signify that programs are certifiable by any professional agency or organization.

Strayer University is legally authorized to operate and grant degrees in Texas as an exempt institution under the rules of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The quality of a Strayer University education is such that it is approved for the education of veterans, members of the selective reserve and their dependents, for the rehabilitation of handicapped students, and by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to accept international students. Strayer University is a member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) and participates in Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree programs for active duty military personnel.


At Strayer University, we’re here to help and encourage you to succeed from the moment you first walk in the door until the day you graduate, and beyond.

Our Admissions Officers help you get started.
Our Admissions Officers are specially trained to help working professionals like you get the information and one-on-one support you need to submit your application as quickly as possible. Plus, they can help you transfer credits from other institutions, gain advanced standing in degree and diploma programs, or get credit for life experiences.

Our Academic Advisors help you put together a program.
Our Academic Advisors will help you navigate your way through the many choices in core and specialized curricula to create a course of study that will meet your career goals.

Our Business Office helps you find a way to finance your education.
Visit the Business Office for information regarding the diverse array of financing options, such as federal grants and loans, private loans, payment plans, and scholarships. Federal financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Our Learning Resources Center helps you succeed in class.
Whether you’re writing a paper or putting together a presentation, you’ll find everything you need to research, write and perfect your project and class work at the LRC. You’ll have access to the Internet as well as a vast library of books, CDs, periodicals, and examples of Directed Research Projects. If you need one-on-one help, you can get it from one of our LRC specialists or arrange to have a tutor help you do your best in challenging classes.

Our Career Development Center helps you on your career path.
Here, you’ll find assistance with career essentials such as writing a great resume, improving your interviewing skills, and maximizing networking opportunities. If your career goals include finding another job, our career fairs and job postings can help put you in touch with local employers.

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